The Efrvsnt Approach

We believe GREAT leaders have the power to create change in others and help them ascend to the top. With our unique and personalized approach to training, we combine behavioral psychology with human experience to make a lasting impact on your company. From yoga at sunrise to improv lessons with world-class trainers to military-based tactical training, we’ll make sure each experience is aimed at teaching key business principles that will transform your team from good to great.

  • Unconventional and Customized Leadership Training Outside of a Classroom
  • Optimized Training For All Levels Of Employees and Business Owners
  • Learn Key Business Principles to Develop a Strong Foundation Focused on Results
  • Cultivate a Work Culture Focused on Motivated and Engaged Team Members

Who We Are

Lisa Wilson

Chief Executive Officer

Lisa’s experience in business covers the full spectrum, from starting a company at her dining room table and being the only woman in corporate board meetings to selling a profitable company. She has learned business principles and methods from millionaire entrepreneurs and has experienced firsthand what works and what doesn’t when it comes to leading people.

Lisa’s degree in psychology has afforded her the ability to look at business from a human-behavior perspective. She believes that strong, transformational leaders are born from a desire to never stop learning. It is her life’s passion to improve the human experience of the workplace for as many people as she can by inspiring business owners and corporate leaders to be a better, more empathetic version of themselves.

Dr. Cade Resnick

Chief Behavioral Officer

Cade Resnick earned his Ph.D. in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and specializes in organizational leadership. Throughout his career, he has focused on helping his clients create a more cohesive working environment. As a counselor, Cade has worked with many individuals, couples, and organizations to find positive solutions to what seem like unavoidable, negative endings.

He has worked as a political leader at the city, county, and state levels lobbying for positive changes that benefit the community. His transformational approach has facilitated positive change throughout the state of Florida in the areas of education, mental health, and the environment.

Throughout Cade’s career he has focused on helping individuals and organizations grow from the inside out. As a leadership consultant, Cade has worked with business leaders to develop innovation in company culture throughout their organizations.

Mike Millett

Chief Strategy Officer

Mike is a former Army Ranger whose life has long been filled with adventure. Since leaving the military, he has served as the risk manager for many prominent organizations on an international level.

When he’s not generating truly incredible Mindset Reset programs for Efrvsnt, Mike can be found on volcanoes in the South Pacific or diving the oceans of the world while filming TV shows with well-known celebrities. He is absolutely the thrill-seeker of the group who brings a sense of adventure to his business teachings.