Refresh Your Leadership Team Through Immersive, Multi-Day Training

Press the reset button on your core team’s mindset with a leadership retreat that shows them how to guide others with integrity, dedication, and empathy. This is our most immersive experience — we will develop a customized, multi-day excursion that targets the top areas of opportunity for your organization. From yoga at sunrise and improv training to rock climbing and even military-based tactical training, we will work with you to select a learning environment to produce your desired results.

At the leadership retreat, our team of experts will teach the core business principles, including leading with courage, planning for success, setting an example for others, and developing the potential of others — all in the context of leadership. Once you return, your team will hit the ground running with a renewed sense of purpose and a complete mindset shift.


The Efrvsnt Approach

We believe GREAT leaders have the power to create change in others and help them ascend to the top. With our unique and personalized approach to training, we combine behavioral psychology with human experience to make a lasting impact on your company. From yoga at sunrise to improv lessons with world-class trainers to military-based tactical training, we’ll make sure each experience is aimed at teaching key business principles that will transform your team from good to great.

  • Unconventional and Customized Leadership Training Outside of a Classroom
  • Optimized Training For All Levels All Employees and Business Owners
  • Learn Key Business Principles to Develop a Strong Foundation Focused on Results
  • Cultivate a Work Culture Focused on Motivated and Engaged Team Members

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